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Ultrasone HFI 580
Ultrasone HFI 580
Ultrasone HFI 580

Ultrasone HFI 580

The affordable HFI 580 feature incredibly accurate mids and highs and slight warmth in the bass. With S-logic Plus for great soundstage, they are effortless for long-term listening and higher volumes.

Technical Specifications

  • Principle: dynamic, closed
  • S-Logic® Plus technology
  • ULE technology
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Driver/Driver size: Mylar, 50mm
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 10 - 22000 Hz
  • SPL: 101 dB
  • Weight (excl. cord): 285g

Accessories Incl.

  • Extension Cable (length 4 m)
  • 3,5/6,3 mm gold-plated plug-in
  • Transportation pouch
  • Instruction manual

What is S-Logic® Plus?

S-Logic® Plus is the cutting-edge advancement in the S-Logic® Natural Surround System, squeezing the big S-Logic® soundstage placed in Ultrasone's PRO, Edition, Performance, HFI and DJ headphone models. S-Logic® Plus profits directly from innovations developed for the flagship Edition range, the ultimate headphones for critical listening. This sophisticated technology combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, allowing driver, buffer-board, and spatial parameters to complement one another in an optimal manner. So the acoustically redesigned ear-cups of these new models and their tonal fine-tuning result in a most neutral sound impression with more vivid perception of voices and instruments.