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Oyaide HS-CF

Oyaide HS-CF

The original carbon fibre headshell.

The most essential thing for headshell is high structural rigidity yet lightweight and capability to attenuate unnecessary vibration. We selected CFRP, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, for HS-CF as the best material which satisfies such requirements.

Its 4mm thick shell part is composed of seventeen layers of prepreg material (carbon fiber). At the planning phase, we employed single directional alignment with an exception of the center layer in order to gain vibration damping property maximum. By the application of Epoxy resin as a matrix material, its mechanical strength property remains unchanged semipermanently. It is brought to completion by angle type casting to avoid adhesive joints and cutting operation by CNC machining.

The seventeen layers prepreg material is made from T700, highly rigid carbon fiber, manufactured by TORAY and “1K cloth” is employed as its surface material and is made from T300 carbon fiber which is also manufactured by TORAY.