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My Sonic Lab Eminent Ex (Eminent GL)

My Sonic Lab Eminent Ex (Eminent GL)

"If I had to describe the Eminent EX in one word, it would be power … Its personality was punchy, explosive, and deliberate from top to bottom, and produced great dynamic authority and forward thrust."
"My Sonic Lab’s Eminent EX is among the finest, most skillfully balanced cartridges I’ve heard." – Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"There's no denying the strong sense of pace that the Eminent brings to the party and the degree to which it responds to each recording. This is a first class moving coil that deserves to be a front-runner for any one with this sort of budget." - Jason Hecter, Hi-Fi+
The My Sonic Lab Eminent Ex (GL) cartridge is the entry level cartridge in My Sonic Lab's range, but it is anything but entry level sound. In fact, this cartridge outperforms just about every other cartridge on the market owing to its incredible balance of natural and detailed sound. The bass is a deep and powerful, not-overbearing, but with a roundedness and deftness that transcends most typical bass performances. It is clearly able to hear nuance and timbre in the bass notes as well as feel them. This is an outstanding accomplishment amongst analog or digital reference points.

The midrange is similarly fleshed out with the ability to capture the subtle harmonics of mens and women's voices, the difference between a Selmer and Yamaha sax or the tone of an Ovation vs a Martin acoustic guitar. In perfect proportion is the treble which simply adds layering and depth to the soundstage, without harshness of any kind.

The entended frequency response and incredibly accurate tracking give shimmer, bite and presence where it exists on the recording. Overall, this cartridge is like clicking all the tumblers in a lock. At that moment everything just feels right. Highly recommended.


Output Voltage 0.4mV
Stylus Profile SemiLine Contact
Tracking force range 1.9g-2.2g