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Model 4735 Midnight Blue CD Player

Model 4735 Midnight Blue CD Player

DAC section: I²S input, non-oversampling DAC

Analog output: 2.1VRMS, RCA

Digital output: S/PDIF RCA

Dimension 155W x 100H x 210D

Weight : 2.4kg


In conventional CD players, or CD transport~DAC combination, with multi-bit DAC chip, the original I²S signal is converted to S/PDIF format at the transport circuit, then converted back again to I²S at the receiver of the DAC section. For 4735 CD player, Junji Kimura created a proprietary 3D circuitry which enabled to avoid this extra conversion by connecting the I²S output of the chip on the transport circuit directly to the I²S input of the DAC chip. 4735 Midnight Blue CD player has opened a new stage to already well-known organic, analog sound of 47 Lab’s CD play back system.