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Mies i100 Integrated Amplifier
Mies i100 Integrated Amplifier

Mies i100 Integrated Amplifier

An amazingly small, sleek and affordably priced amplifier for vinyl lovers, with audiophile sound.

 Vinyl has made a serious comeback and more and more people are interested to hear just how much sound you can get from records. Unlike many other amplifiers or home theatre receivers, this tiny all-in-one solution comes with a built-in high performance phono input for your turntable so you can hear vinyl as it was meant to sound.

How does it sound?

The Mies i100 is a result of years of research and testing, gleaned from extensive comparison listening. The built in phono input sounds as good as any external one up to $300. The Mies i100 has an incredibly clear, natural and powerful sound. It can party with the best of them, or deliver finesse and delicacy at low volumes. It's a great match for any speakers costing up to $1500. 


- 2x Aux inputs (for CD, Computer, iPod, etc.) - 1x Phono input for your turntable - 1x 3.5mm front input for convenient phone or iPod connection - 40 watts per channel of high current power - Superb sounding headphone jack - Record output to add more amps for more speakers - Preamp output for adding a subwoofer

How big is it?

At just 9.5" x 8.5" x 2" (24cm x 21cm x 5cm), it's tiny! However, don't let the size fool you. It has a beefy power transformer and is beautifully made with top quality parts and high quality aluminum faceplate. The front panel is a model of simplicity with an easy-to-use selection switch and volume knob. Everything you want, nothing you don't. It's the perfect size.