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Lab 12 Gordian Multifunctional Power Distributor / Conditioner

Lab 12 Gordian Multifunctional Power Distributor / Conditioner

Whatever your audio system setup is, clean and abundant power is the nutrition that will make it reveal its strength and virtuousness. It is well known that an inadequate power distributor may kill the dynamics of your audio system and that a noisy AC power line could affect its performance on midrange and high frequency signals.

Gordian distributes all the power that your system may need even at extreme situations without losing its strength. It also gently cleans up the unwanted artifacts from your power supply using a well-designed,adaptive network of passive components. 

Conductors of very large cross section, high quality tight sockets and industrial grade bindings constitute the unshakable electrical network that delivers the power to your system. The “star” topology of the inner connections reduces to the minimum the noise transfer between your devices while guarantees that no ground loops will be developed.

A serious power analyzer
Gordian incorporates an industrial grade power analyzer which lets you inspect all the aspects of the AC power signal. Some of the available metrics are

• Frequency (accuracy 0.0005%)
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD - accuracy 0.005%)
• RMS Voltage/Current
• Power Consumption
• Power Factor
• FFT (Frequency analysis)
• DC Voltage

You can use these metrics to trace the AC signal of your provider, inspect the power consumption of your audio system, investigate problems on your local electric network (eg find household devices that affect the quality of your power source) or decide on the optimal filtering mode (see Configurable noise filtering below). All the information is accessible in the big legible OLED display.

Configurable noise filtering - Power factor correction
All kinds of noise cannot be treated effectively by the same type of filters and overusing multiple types of filters for healing all the types of possible artifacts on the power line would definitely affect the dynamics and the character of your audio system. For this reason, Gordian filtering network is designed to be configurable giving you the opportunity to adapt it to the problems of your AC power line by selecting the most appropriate available configuration.

The user manual of Gordian contains a complete configuration guide that will help you select the most appropriate mode by teaching you how to interpret correctly the extensive information you get from the integrated power analyzer. However, if you trust you ears more than mathematics you could just experiment with the various configurations and keep your favorite one. 

Gordian can also improve the power factor of your system by applying a bank of specialized capacitors in parallel with your system power line. This will correct the apparent power phase angle, which means that your system will absorb more effectively the power of your power line.

Automated adaption to the problems of your power line
If you don’t want to bother configuring the filtering mode at all, you can set Gordian to “Auto Adapt” mode and let it choose the optimal filtering configuration for you by mathematically analyzing the power characteristics of your line. 

Gordian will find the best configuration that targets the frequencies and the origin of your AC power line noise without affecting the dynamics and other characteristics of your audio system. You can be sure that you will have the best filtering result without altering the character of your sound.