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Lab 12 DAC1 Digital to Analog converter

Lab 12 DAC1 Digital to Analog converter

Non Oversampling DAC with Tube Output


By combining digital and asynchronous USB inputs with classic non oversampling TDA1543 and a tube based output stage, Lab12 managed to achieve a really musical DAC that sounds like a perfect tuned High End turntable.

Every component of DAC1 is designed to provide smooth and pleasant sound - by achieving the character of pure analogue sound with non oversampling conversion by 8 matched parallel Phillips TDA1543 in sophisticated configuration and smooth output through Dual triode tube I/V stage. All components are carefully chosen after hours of listening and testing, while great attention has been paid to all the details that affect the final outcome (special audiophile power capacitors, NOS tube and more).

With its solid construction, handcrafted finishing, luxury metal painting and retro analogue V/U meters you will fall in love with it for sure.