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Kuzma XL2 Turntable

Kuzma XL2 Turntable



The Kuzma XL2 is likely the most accurate vinyl playback device ever made. Weighing in at 150 lbs of solid brass, there is little to no chance of unwanted resonance. The tonearm tower is also completely separate for full elimination of vibration.


The 50 lb composite platter turns on a ruby bearing for almost frictionless motion. Few materials can be ground as smooth as a ruby while simultaneously providing outstanding durability. 


When paired with Kuzma's 4-Point tonearm, the VTA can be adjusted to 0.01mm, allowing for outstanding accuracy and ease. 

The XL2 is completely adjustable, giving you unparalleled build quality and flexibility. It is simply the best turntable on the planet.