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Kuzma 4-Point 14" Tonearm
Kuzma 4-Point 14" Tonearm

Kuzma 4-Point 14" Tonearm

Arm-height can be set using a locking collar, but thereafter, a cam‑locked VTA tower allows in-play adjustment of this critical parameter, without any compromise in rigidity. Whether you are a “tickle it for every record” kind of listener, or simply want to optimize arm height when switching between standard and 180/200g audiophile pressings, it’s simple, incredibly precise and brilliantly effective. My only complaint? I’d like a finer scale on the rotating dial to make tiny shifts more repeatable, but that aside, the 4POINT is the very model of analogue set-up sanity. It allows you to optimize the arm for the chosen cartridge and then set that cartridge up, with every parameter separate, independently, and easily adjustable. If only all tonearms worked like this, the world would be a better place! - Roy Gregory Hi-Fi+

4Point 14 is  4Point tonearm with 14 inch (353 mm) effective length which is fitted on 12 inch ( 291mm) distance position on the turntable. See manual for details.

It is possible 4Point 14 inch this tonearm on Stabi M  and still close the lid  when not playing records- see details below:


Using the 4Point 14 inch tonearm on a Stabi M turntable with lid.

The 4Point 14 inch tonearm just fits the Stabi M turntable with the use of a 12 inch cutout but some parts of the tonearm come very close to the edge of the lid.  Please follow these instructions when mounting the 4Point 14 inch tonearm and cartridge.

To fit the tonearm on a Stabi M you need to change the distance from the spindle to the horizontal bearing.  The standard distance is 340 mm and this must be changed to 338 mm so that the closed lid does not touch the tonearm.  When the cartidge's geometry is adjusted the protractors will automatically compensate for this change. This change  in effective length  is minor and not important ( just over 1%)

As the headshell with cartridge comes very close to the front of the lid, especially when the lid is half closed, slowly close the lid at first and check if the edge of the lid passes in front of the cartridge.  At the same time check that the counterweight shaft at the rear of the tonearm is not touching either the back or right side of the lid.

PLEASE NOTE:  You cannot play the 4Point 14 inch tonearm with the lid CLOSED on Stabi M.  When closing the lid the tonearm must be in the armrest position.