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Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron Cartridge
Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron Cartridge
Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron Cartridge

Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron Cartridge

The Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron cartridge is one of the finest cartridges ever produced and at the price is an absolute steal. This cartridge outperforms nearly every other cartridge up to $5000. Each cartridge is hand made to order by Mr. Allaerts and as such there is a 1 year waiting time. Is it worth it? Yes.

Listen to a sample of the MC1 Boron cartridge



Manually milled and drilled aluminium


0,3 mm thick, coated with 24 ct. gold foil.


Anodized in gold-colored finish (scratch resistant)


Soft iron, shaped by grinding and milling.

Connector pins

1,3 mm x 20 mm, 14 Kt. solid gold pins.

Screw bushes

2,5 mm brass threaded bushes mounded into casing.


Rechargeable principle  


Power: max. BH  (Kj/m3°)  41


2 mm x 2 mm, soft iron type c 1003 (handwound).

Coil windings

15 micron copper hand-winding wire.

Stylus holder

Boron  0,3 mm x 7 mm

Angle of stylus in holder


Stylus tip

TIP FGS. High-tech diamond, highly polished finish.


Rounded radius 2,5 micron.

Shock absorption

High-tech rubber, 100 SCHOR

Tension wire

Steel wire spring, code 1007.







Coil impedance

22 Ohm

Load impedance

100 Ohm

Load capacity

150  pF

Stylus pressure

2 grams, Max. tolerance 0,1 gram

Output voltage

500 µV

200 µ mm

Channel separation

60 dB at  100 Hz


50 dB at   1 KHz


50 dB at 20 KHz

Frequency range

10 Hz to 50 KHz

Total   THD %

Total unit weight

10 grams (incl. socket screws)