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Ifi Micro iPhono2
Ifi Micro iPhono2
Ifi Micro iPhono2

Ifi Micro iPhono2

Only everything has been improved.

The original iPhono was the ‘benchmark’ phono stage <US$1,000. While keeping in essence the same design philosophy, we went back to the beginning and designed a ground-up, all-new iPhono2. The design, circuitry and the parts are all far-reaching:

  1. Ultra-wide gain range – max gain is an astonishing 72dB, min gain is 36dB. To suit any cartridge.
  2. Whisper quiet – SNR of > 86dB an impressive 10dB quieter than the original.
  3. Latest AMR trickle-down; Class A, TubeState® circuit for unrivalled linearity.
  4. DriveDrive® servo-less ‘DC infinity’ circuit. No capacitor AND no DC-Servo means zero added noise and distortion in the audio signal path.

The sonic performance partnered with any cartridge from the Shure V-15 through to the Koetsu Coralstone is something to behold. It is just woos the listener into the heart and soul of vinyl playback.



  • Ultra-wide gain from 36dB up to 72dB
  • Accurate range of 6 stereo EQ curves
  • Latest AMR trickle-down technology; Class A, TubeState® circuitry
  • DC-Infinity circuit, light-years ahead
  • Reference class parts quality from Elna Silmics to Silva Mica
  • iPower (15V) exceptional, ‘quieter than battery’ power supply