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iFi Micro iLink

iFi Micro iLink

The iLINK is the ultimate USB to SPDIF converter. Rather than start with the converter chip, we went beyond and analysed the whole transmission and conversion process. Only by doing this fundamental ground-work could we overcome inherent sonic deficiencies seen in mainstream converters.

When a digital signal is converted from one format to another, jitter ensues on numerous fronts. To tackle jitter and related undesirable issues which add up to negatively impact the overall sonic picture. The iLINK is the only converter of its kind with advanced technology not seen in any other converter; Super Digital Output® and Jitter Elimination Technology JET®.

Jitter Elimination Technology JET® does what no other converter can do. It crucially removes jitter in the audible band to which the human ear is most sensitive. The generic jitter filtering ability is effective only higher up in the range; beyond the audible band. With an appreciation of this ‘blind side’ of existent technology and with the unusual technical know-how to develop jitter filtering lower in the audible band, JET® specifically filters the most troublesome jitter in the critical audible range.

Advances in Computer Audio technology have pushed the quality past CD. The iLINK can bring a suitably-powerful DAC bang up-to-date to realise the full, stunning potential from modern High-Definition digital formats – up to 24Bit/192kHz and beyond.


Full-Speed USB 2.0 type-B
Super Digital Outputs (RCA) x 2
• High Level: The ONLY converter to match the other main type of SPDIF receiver; with a
corresponding higher signal output.
• Normal Level: Standard SPDIF output
Optical Output*
*: This transmission standard is inherently limited to 96kHz
Compatible with High-Speed USB 2.0 (24-Bit/192kHz)
Power (max.): < 2.5W
Dimensions: 158(l)x68(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 265g(0.58lbs)