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ifi iPurifier 2

ifi iPurifier 2

The USB transmission standard was not designed for high-quality audio: audio/power/ground are all ‘lumped into one’ cable for printers, hard-disk drives and the like. In the pursuit of the highest-quality of USB audio playback, this is akin to placing dedicated audio interconnects and high-current power cables together, which is clearly far from ideal.

One of the main bugbears of computer audio is EMI noise. The noise is generated by the raft of generic switch-mode power supply units scattered throughout the computer being in close proximity with the audio path. This is an unwanted distraction to the point of being downright annoying. The residual noise floor is heard most patently between tracks.

Taken directly at the computer’s USB port, EMI noise is typically some 39dB. With the iPurifier in place, this noise drops by some 5dB to 34dB.

PurePurification® technology removes unwanted EMI from USB audio + power.
iPurifier removes DC offset and rebalances the USB audio for perfect transmission.
Compliant with USB Audio Class 2.0 (handles PCM/DXD/DSD).
High-Speed USB Audio Class 2.0 (384kHz and beyond supported)
Impedance: 90 ohms
Connectors: FINAL machined alloy connectors
Dimensions:62(l) x 19 (w) x 18 (h) mm
Weight:32g (0.0705lbs)