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iFi Groundhog
iFi Groundhog
iFi Groundhog
iFi Groundhog
iFi Groundhog

iFi Groundhog

The Groundhog is a unique solution to a very common problem found in computer audio; NO Ground/Earth which every audio system requires to shield and also 'drain the noise' away. With no Ground/Earth, users report 'hum', 'buzz', 'interference' and other related issues.

One needs to determine where best to add ONE Ground/Earth. Each system is unique, often it may take some experimentation to determine the optimal connection point:

GH1: 1EC (earth pin only) > RCA (male)
GH2: USB > RCA (female)
GH3: DC spade connector > RCA (female)
GH4: 3.5mm > RCA (female) L&R

GH1 + GH2
For a computer audio system, it is often best to use the USB > RCA (female) with the IEC > RCA (male) cable. Then add this adapter onto your IEC mains cable and connect to a wall socket with an active earth.

GH1 + GH3
For systems that include switching mains power adapters (eg iUSB3.0/iPhono2) it may be best to directly earth the DC connection using the DC spade connector.

Phonos, amplifiers, DACs and similar devices may be directly earthed using any unused RCA socket (input or output sockets can be used).

GH1 + GH4
Portable devices may be earthed via the 3.5mm plug connection if an unused 3.5mm connection is available.