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Heed Orbit Turntable Power Supply

Heed Orbit Turntable Power Supply

The Orbit regulates your turntable’s motor drive via an intricate quadrature-quartz speed generator, providing unsurpassed speed accuracy and pitch stability. Packed into a hefty shielded steel casework (protecting the unit from electromagnetic interference and vibration) are two mains-filtering transformers, and a high-current amplification circuit to assure that the power passed onto your motor is smooth and constant, with no fluctuation and virtually immeasurable distortion.

The Orbit 1 requires a small modification of the motor circuitry (must be carried out by a qualified dealer/technician). The Orbit 2 adds the convenience of genuine plug & play compatibility (no modification necessary). Choosing between them is down to optimum performance vs. convenience of installation. You may rest assured, however, that the Orbit 2 trades in very little of the Orbit 1’s uncompromising technical and sonic performance for its plug & play practicability.

The Orbits can be the ideal partner for the vast majority of classic turntables equipped with 4-pole, 110V synchronous motors , as well as other various models.


– 2 versions: Orbit 1 (110V) and Orbit 2 (230V)
– Quartz regulated, noise free output
– Push-button speed change (33,1/3 and 45 rpm)


Type: Turntable power supply
Output voltage: 220 V (Orbit 2) / 110 V (Orbit 1)
Output frequency: 50 Hz (for 33.1/3 rpm) / 67.5 Hz (for 45 rpm)
Output stability: 0.1 % frequency shift / max. 1 % THD
Output power: Max. 3 W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.5 x 7.5 x 22 cm