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Heed Obelisk PX Power Supply
Heed Obelisk PX Power Supply

Heed Obelisk PX Power Supply

To extend the capabilities of the Obelisk PRE, which was designed to perform beautifully as a self-contained unit Heed has created the Obelisk PX which is a dedicated outboard power supply that somehow manages to surpass even our highest expectations.

The PX is based on a sophisticated fully-regulated, double-filtered circuit topology, which eliminates interference caused by the mains supply, providing the cleanest possible current to the PRE. It features very high grade components such as a high-quality mains transformer and well-sized high-grade capacitors custom made to Heed’s own specifications. This results in extremely low noise, low inner impedance and negligible distortion performance.

Although the PX is primarily designed to partner with the Obelisk PRE, it can also be paired to enhance the performance of our Quasar phono stage, Dactilus DAC, Canalot headphone amp, and Questar phono stage.


– Low noise, stabilized supply rails

– Generously oversized components

– Smart enhancement for the Obelisk PRE

 -Available in Black, or Silver