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Graham Slee Accession M Phono Preamplifier

Graham Slee Accession M Phono Preamplifier

The Accession M is a handmade phono preamplifier for MM or high output MC cartridges. Since the Accession is designed for moving magnet cartridges, its input impedance is 47k Ohms. There are a set of dip switches on the back that allow for convenient cartridge capacitance loading. The load choices are 100pf/220pf/320pf/ and 0. While Graham Slee recommends the 100 pf setting for most applications, they felt there should be the option for owners to fine tune the settings to their cartridge of choice. It also features different EQ curves to either suite your personal taste or match to match whatever pressing you might be playing. 

The Accession can also function as a stand alone preamplifier with its volume control allowing a direct connection to a power amplifier. Maximum output voltage is 5.2V rms, frequency response is greater than 20Hz to 45kHz with .01% distortion. Channel separation is 60dB, and channel balance is matched within .2dB.

  • Suitable for MM cartridges
  • Can be run in stereo/mono
  • Fast-Active preamp and equalization technology
  • Rock steady sound stage and truly 3D performance
  • Tube like sound with solid-state reliability
  • Option to choose cartridge load resistance on the fly between 100pf/220pf/320pf/0pf
  • Switch between 4 different standardized EQ options