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Goldring Ethos MC Cartridge

Goldring Ethos MC Cartridge

"Where it really comes into its own is the delivery of emotional content. Without ever tipping over into sounding too warm or bloomy, the manner in which it handles the hauntingly lovely To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra makes this one of the most outstanding performers I have encountered under £1000… and should be on any audition shortlist at the price." -- ES, Hi-Fi Choice


"...the Ethos will show you every nuance, light and shade, dynamic contrast, soundstage and presence with a disarming natural-ness and reality. As for system matching, I’d suggest upper end of mid-fi upwards, but if you have a super-deck and arm combo don’t feel it won’t perform. It has the potential to unseatsome of the more revered cartridges and give them a real run for their money." -- Chris Beeching, The Ear


The new Ethos MC cartridge from Goldring is a fine example of that a truly HiFi cartridge should be - detailed, uncoloured and very enjoyable. 

Improved Goldring GOL-1 generator noted for its smooth and extended frequency response. Vital line contact contact diamond stylus enables the accurate retrieval of even the highest frequencies. Low-mass cross-armature provide excellent channel separation for a superior stereo image. New suspension damper provides optimal cartridge compliance to improve tracking. Aircraft aluminium body rigidly couples the motor system to the tonearm for maximum information. 

Output: 0.5mV

Stylus Profile: Vital Line contact

Tracking Force: 1.5g-2.0g