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Castle Knight 5 Floorstanding Speakers (pair)

Castle Knight 5 Floorstanding Speakers (pair)

Detail and neutrality are of utmost importance when building a loudspeaker, and it is always a challenge to meet these goals on a tighter budget. However, we feel that the Knight 5 is a "game changer" in that it competes with speakers costing at least twice the price. 

More amazing to us is that they don't have any of the common foibles of floorstanders at this price. No tubby or boomy bass, no squawky or honky midrange, not ear-bleeding treble. It's just a natural, balanced and dynamic performance.

Of course, the Knight 5 uses the same TPT transmission line porting to achieve it's rather excellent bass response. Adorned with the highest quality genuine wood veneer, offers more than just a taste of high-end luxury. Truly unique in the world of speakers.

30Hz-24KHz frequency response. 90dB sensitivity. 8 ohms. Transmission line design.