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Air Tight ATM-4 Tube Integrated/Power Amplifier

Air Tight ATM-4 Tube Integrated/Power Amplifier

It doesn't get more 'real' in terms of putting the performance in your room. A totally invisible presence, the ATM-4 has perfect balance between the bass, mids and highs. There are dual volume controls on the front to achieve precise channel balance, and it can be used as an integrated amplifier using the two inputs on the back. With 24 watts per channel, it's enough to drive the majority of speakers.
  • Reputed 6L6GC beam-valve boasting of long history starting from military application
  • UL connection enabling to offer affluent power and guts
  • Low NF design for low distortion
  • Adjuster pot & centre meter to assure optimum balance of push-pull operation
  • Stereo/mono selector switch
  • Select components for long-time listening pleasure