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Air Tight ATM-300L 30th Anniversary Power Amplifier

Air Tight ATM-300L 30th Anniversary Power Amplifier

The new 30th anniversary edition ATM-300L power amplifier. Hand-signed by the founder Atsushi Muira, it features the world-reference Takatsuki 300B tubes.

Only 100 of these limited edition stereo amplifiers will be made. The ATM-300L features new hand-wound transformers and the legendary Takatsuki 300B tubes. Each of these tubes is hand-blown by Kyoto craftsmen to be precisely matched within 1% of each other.

  • Legendary musical charms of jubilee-long reputed, genuine WE300B direct-heated valve
  • Self-biased Class-A operation at WE-300B output stage
  • 3-stage triode amplification for sublimate musicality
  • DC-driven heater to reduce noise inherent in direct-heated valve
  • Bias/current meter to check optimum operation of output valve
  • Damping selector control to create one's favorite sound
  • Lavish employment of second-to-none, custom selected components
  • Copper-plated chassis to remove magnetic distortion
  • Attenuator on direct-CD input
Power Output
9 W+ 9W (THD 5 %)
Valves employed
300B × 2, 5U4GB ×1, 12BH7A × 2, 12AU7A(ECC82) × 2
1 % (1 kHz/ 1 W/ 8 Ω)
Input Sensitivity
290mV ( 9 W/8 Ω)
Dumping Factor
7 ( 1 kHz/ 1 W/ 8 Ω)
Frequency Response
25Hz~40kHz (-1 dB/1 W)