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Accuphase E-470 Integrated Amplifier

Accuphase E-470 Integrated Amplifier


The Accuphase E-470 may very well be the last integrated amp you will ever need. 

Internally, the preamplifier and power amplifier sections are kept entirely separate, in order to allow each to develop their full potential, rivalling the performance and sonic excellence of separate type components. 

The power supply uses massive, high efficient toroidal transformers for a robust, reliable power supply to the speakers. 

Power MOS-FET devices arranged in triple parallel push-pull pairs for each channel greatly enhance the ability of the amplifier to drive low-impedance loads. The E-470 can deliver 180 watts per channel at 8ohms, driving any speaker to their fullest potential. 

The revolutionary AAVA volume control allows the signal to travel without passing through variable resistors, ensuring ultimate performance without the effects of impedance changes. This also ensures excellent reliability, as there are less parts that are subject to deterioration.