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Audio Alliance Inc is a 1-stop wholesale distributor of high end and consumer audio. Since 2006 we have traveled the world looking for the finest products. Each selection must meet our strict criteria for sound, design, function, reliability and, most of all, value. As such, we have amassed a complete collection of demonstrably superior products, all meeting the Audio Alliance Inc. standard. You can be assured that we only carry products that allow you to outperform the competition. Ask us about any of them and you will see our passion and pedigree.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for one of the brands we represent, please contact us. Our philosophy as a distributor is different from many of our competitors. We uniquely understand dealer's needs and actively work to provide a better environment to support our brands in your store. This includes protected territory, clear online policies, product sales strategies, co-op marketing, leading margin and free shipping incentives. 

Contact us today to become a part of the Audio Alliance Inc. team!