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Accuphase A-75 Power Amplifier
Accuphase A-75 Power Amplifier

Accuphase A-75 Power Amplifier

The A-75 has the lowest noise performance in the 46 year history of Accuphase stereo power amplifiers. Inheriting many outstanding technology features of the A-250, the A-75 is the successor to the A-70, ready to take its place as the ultimate pure class A stereo power amplifier. While reflecting this tradition, the A-75 also implements the latest technology such as the ultra low-noise instrumentation amplifier principle realized in a discrete configuration, along with optimized signal input and power amplification stages, resulting in an astonishing 122 dB S/N ratio (at max gain), surpassing even the formidable earlier Accuphase stereo amplifier lineup. 

The output stage features power MOS-FETs renowned for their excellent frequency response, sonic performance, and superior reliability. Arranged in 10-parallel push-pull configuration and delivering linear high power progression to ultra low 1-ohm impedances. In the output circuitry, ultra-heavy-gauge edgewise coils with a surface area more than three times larger than conventional units, combined with MOS-FET switches are used in place of relays, to eliminate mechanical contacts and improve long-term reliability. 

Top-grade materials, sophisticated circuit pattern technology, and various other measures result in low impedance and enable the realization of a damping factor of 1000 (rated) and 2000 (actual), which represents a 25% improvement over the A-70.

  • Bi-wire terminals.
  • Optional bridging.
  • 60w/ch, 8ohms, 240 w/ch, 2 ohms.