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Accuphase E-270 Integrated Amplifier

Accuphase E-270 Integrated Amplifier

Unveiled at the 2016 Tokyo HiFi show, Accuphase has once again lived up to its legendary standard of quality and unrivalled performance with the successor to the venerable E-260, the E-270 integrated amplifier. Built upon the technology inherited from Accuphase's premier flagship models; the C-3850 pre-amplifier, and the A-200 power amplifier. The E-270 is an example of the Japanese approach to continual measured improvements over time. The E-270 outputs 90W into an 8 Ω load and 120W into a 4 Ω load - 4% higher than the E-260. Taking advantage of the upgraded power supply, the custom made high efficiency capacitors were dramatically increased to a rating of 30,000 uF, up from 22,000 uF in the E-260. With ingenious circuit design Accuphase was able to increase the damping factor to a value twice that of the E-260. Achieving an astounding damping factor of 400 the E-270 is able to reduce speaker impedance influence, driving a purer and cleaner signal to almost any speaker. Accuphase's proprietary AAVA volume control uses a paralleled V-I converter and a low-impedance feedback network on I-V converter. The low-impedance feedback network produces ultra low noise, lowering the noise level by 20% (-2dB) when compared to the E-260. The E-270 applies a MOS-FET switch instead of mechanical relay for speaker protection, which gives a further boost to the damping-factor, reliability, and sound quality. With an elegant design and dedication to outstanding quality synonymous with Accuphase's long pedigree, the E-270 sets a new bar for integrated amplifiers.  

  • Accepts the DAC-40 digital input board
  • VU meters
  • Tone controls
  • High quality headphone output
  • A/B speaker outputs
  • High quality remote control