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In 1972, the brothers Nakaichi and Jiro Kasuga left what was then the Trio-Kenwood Corporation, frustrated with the move towards mass-production (and its inevitable compromises), to found Accuphase. Their ideology was simple, create small run components with a focus on impeccable sound reproduction and build quality, without compromise.

Each model is hand built in Japan by a team of dedicated craftsmen, each devoted to a specific part of production: Design, Assembly, Testing, and Legacy Repairs. All parts are treated with equal importance, scrutinized, and tested to extremes, all in the name of excellence - and it shows. 

Accuphase’s attention to perfection from the start has given each model endless longevity. Investing in an Accuphase product will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment, from their eye-catching iconic designs and most importantly, their otherworldly precision and natural playback of all your favourite music.