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With the introduction of the new M-6200 Accuphase has achieved an unprecedented level of performance that redefines what a monophonic power amplifier can be. As the successor to the M-6000, the M-6200 maintains the same size, but reduces the S/N ratio by half, and boasts the highest damping-factor in Accuphase's 42 year history. The M-6200 Monophonic Power Amplifier delivers a reliable 600w (1200w when bridged) output to drive any speaker with all the power, grace and musicality Accuphase is renowned for.

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Check out this great review of the iFi iPhono in Positive Feedback

Check out this Review in Positive Feedback for iFi's impressively compact and fully adjustable Micro iPhono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier. When compared to other tried and true phono stages, Bruce Kinch explains how the iPhono "sounded both cleaner and smoother, with much wider, deeper and better-defined soundstage." The class A Phono Preamplifier also works extremely well with mono recordings producing a "dead quiet, lively, detailed and, well…modern sound." When coupled with the iFi iPower 9v DC Power Supply you'll get an even greater performance from the unit. Kinch confirms "textural details were much cleaner, musical flow and micro-dynamics were more natural with the power supply upgrade." Read the full review here. 

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Audio Alliance Inc. is now the official distributor of iFi Audio in Canada

  iFi is a brand new line of electronics with trickle-down technology licensed from AMR and aimed primarily at the future, Computer Audio generation. Audio Alliance is excited to bring this wide range of great products to the Canadian market. With everything from improved power supplies, DSD Dac's, USB power conditioners and the completely adjustable MM/MC phono stage iFi offers an improvement to any system. All of the iFi products boast Class A analogue circuitry with no DSP so the signal stays ‘Bit Perfect’ throughout. Audio Alliance approved sound. Now in stock!

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Audio Alliance Inc. is now the Official Canadian Distributor of Geneva Soundlabs

Audio Alliance is thrilled to bring Geneva Soundlabs to the Canadian market. We're not exaggerating when we say they have something for everyone including portable, sound bar, wireless, and multi-zone options that easily fit into any room and lifestyle. Most wireless options today have a reserved soundstage and proprietary playback apps. Geneva Speaker Systems offer an all in one solution and have been engineered for ease of use and most importantly great sound. With seamless connectivity via Bluetooth, RCA, CD, and FM Tuner they're able to produce an impressive 3D stereo image no matter where you are in the room. Each meticulously hand-crafted speaker is carefully calibrated and perfectly tuned with impressive lows down to 35Hz and highs up to 22kHz (+-2dB) for the...

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LAST Record Preservative Reviewed in Stereophile

Check out this review of the LAST Record Preservative in Stereophile.  Record preservative is extremely useful in preventing stylus-caused shock-wave damage to brand new records as well as ensuring protection from further deterioration of used records. Larry Archibald says: "there is no question about LAST's ability to improve the sound of discs…the sound becomes less mechanical and more like original tape." The LAST Record Preservative also produces audible benefits far beyond its original purpose as a preservative. As Archibald concludes: "the immediate sound improvement makes the product well worth the investment." Order yours today to immediately improve and preserve the sound of your collection.

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