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Australian hi-fi magazine, StereoNET, reviewed the Harbeth P3ESR this month, describing the ultimate mini-monitor as - "so balanced and tonally so beguiling" that reviewer, Peter Familari, claimed to have - "no desire to listen to the larger speakers."

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Introducing Accuphase DC-950 & DP-950

NEW : Accuphase’s 4th gen flagship SA-CD/CD transport & DAC, the DP-950 and DC-950. With incredible mechanical engineering, ESS9038PRO chip & 122dB s/n, the 950 series is arguably the finest digital playback ever.  

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Big Sound, Small Package

Good things come in small packages. The ultra compact AR3plus from Audioroom gets Audio Alliance's approval for phenomenal big sound. AR3plus Bluetooth speakers aim to satisfy your space-conscious customer at a great price. 

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