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World Exclusive! Kuzma Stabi R Turntable Reviewed by Hi-Fi+

Hi-Fi+ has reviewed the newly released Kuzma Stabi R modular turntable. The Stabi R is essentially a smaller more versatile and compact version of the legendary Stabi M. In the review Alan Sircom praised the turntable, “What the Stabi R shares with its bigger brother is that sense of absolute confidence in its own performance.”  

The Stabi R has a unique modular design with the extraordinary ability to accommodate up to 6 tonearms while also retaining the incredible sound quality that has become synonymous with Kuzma. Alan summarizes; “The point of the Kuzma Stabi R is to make an extremely flexible transcription turntable package, capable of supporting as many tonearms as any enthusiast might ever want” and later adding, “It’s combination of tonal evenness, with the added bonus of a hugely foot-tapping sound and excellent imaging properties make this a deck for the ages.”

Read the full review in the October 2018 issue of Hi-Fi+

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