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NEW: Kuzma Stabi R Turntable


Debuted at the 2018 Munich High End Show the Kuzma Stabi R is the newest, most compact, and versatile addition to the legendary Stabi family. Hand crafted from a solid block of aluminium the Stabi R features an internal (built in) electronic power supply driving a DC motor with a proprietary, non flexible drive belt.

The main platter is a constrained three layer design of aluminium – acrylic - aluminium; providing the rigidity of aluminium and the anti vibration properties of acrylic maximizing the damping effect of the platter itself. Incredibly the Stabi R also is able to accommodate four tonearms around the main platter.

The non-metal hard resin bearings sit atop a polished ruby ball bathed in oil and supported on a special low noise compound material further eliminating resonance and minimizing friction.