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Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Reviewed the Harbeth 30.2 Speaker

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine reviewed the worlds best speaker; the Harbeth Monitor 30.2 Anniversary edition. Praising its gorgeous highs. perfect midrange, and incredible soundstage.

"As always when I listen to a pair of Harbeth speakers, I was impressed by the way the 30.2 Anniversaries were able to create a real, palpable sense of acoustic space to the music that was reproduced... and they managed to deliver this ‘air’ and ‘ambience’ irrespective of the ‘scale’ of the music being played. It didn’t matter whether it was a solo performer or a full orchestra or any type of ensemble in between the sound was seemingly suspended in the room, neither constrained within the cabinets nor ‘larger than life’, but just, somehow, ‘there’."

- Hugh Douglas, Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

Read the full review in the May/June issue.

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