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Kuzma's RD Kit Reviewed in HiFi+

The Kuzma RD Ultra Sonic Record Cleaning Kit

You’ve got 500+ records and you don’t have time to clean them all? Your brush just doesn’t get rid of all the clicks and pops no matter how much you scrub?

Imagine you could clean up to ten records at a time with ease. The Kuzma RD Ultra Sonic Record Cleaning Kit is a miracle that will have your entire catalog sparkling in no time so you can get back to listening to your favourite tracks.  

Roy Gregory of HiFi + Magazine says “I’m convinced: ultrasonic cleaning is a genuinely fundamental step forward in record replay – one that the Kuzma RD renders affordable, functional, and convenient. It makes secondhand records even more accessible and improves the sound of brand new pressings too.

Don’t delay, add one to your collection today!