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CD & Hi-Res In One Box!

CD & Hi-Res in one box - The North Star Blue Diamond

You could move your CDs to the basement or you could hear them like you never have before with North Star’s Blue Diamond.  Don’t get rid of the collection it took you years to accumulate because this unit breathes life into discs you thought had long expired. 

The Blue Diamond is the latest and greatest release from this acclaimed brand that knows how important it is to combine style and functionality. It is easy to use, looks beautiful and is future proofed so when you are ready to play hi-res music files, you already have one of the best DAC’s on the market.  

The sound that comes out of the Blue Diamond pays incredible attention to detail, clarity and will transport you to another world when you put on your favourite track. It truly gives you the best of both worlds in one sleek package that will ensure you have all musical bases covered for years to come. Simplify your life and have a listen to the North Star Blue Diamond today - CD & Hi-Res in one box!

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