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6Moons Reviews Harbeth SHL5plus


Check out the exceptional 6moons review of Harbeth's SHL5 plus here

Writer Tim Smith describes the sound of the 5plus as being "perfectly coherent from top to bottom...ravishing with rich true timbres and exquisitely long decays." 

One of the main reason so many people have chosen the new 5plus over any other speaker is due to its superb versatility: "It worked magically with every musical genre including simple folk, complex orchestral music, classic rock, jazz trio and toe-tapping techno." Certainly no small feat for a speaker at any price. 

Harbeth's SHL5 plus continues to be one of the most sought after speakers on the market, and for good reason Smith explains: "Here is one of the most tonally accurate cohesive loudspeakers I have heard. It’s seamless from top to bottom. It costs $6’800. Mortgaged over 25 years, that’s a small price to pay for a timeless classic and a lifetime of enjoyment."

Enjoy your music for life. Listen to Harbeth's Super HL5 plus.