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Hi-Fi+ Reviews iFi's Retro 50 System

Check out the July 2015 issue of HiFi+ for a fantastic review of iFi's Retro 50 System. 

Chris Martens writes: "The more I listened to it, the more I liked produced a pure, three dimensional sound that would do many a costly high-end system proud". 
The newest Speaker/Amplifier combo from iFi is suited for nearly every source, including an MM/MC phono stage, bluetooth and built in DSD-capable DAC. The Retro 50's headphone amplifier is one of the most high-powered on the market today, allowing it to drive even the hungriest headphones. 
On the individual components, Martens says "...the Stereo 50 exhibits certain exuberant qualities of quicksilver and grace", all the while remaining "remarkably relaxed and at ease..." and praising the "unforced sonic purity and delicacy...and hugely compelling 3D Soundstage". 

The Retro 50 system from iFi is truly the "sophistication of simplicity", who's versatility can only matched by it's sonic performance. 
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