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Check out this great review of the iFi iPhono in Positive Feedback

Check out this Review in Positive Feedback for iFi's impressively compact and fully adjustable Micro iPhono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier.

When compared to other tried and true phono stages, Bruce Kinch explains how the iPhono "sounded both cleaner and smoother, with much wider, deeper and better-defined soundstage."

The class A Phono Preamplifier also works extremely well with mono recordings producing a "dead quiet, lively, detailed and, well…modern sound."

When coupled with the iFi iPower 9v DC Power Supply you'll get an even greater performance from the unit. Kinch confirms "textural details were much cleaner, musical flow and micro-dynamics were more natural with the power supply upgrade."

Read the full review here.