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Audio Alliance Inc. is now the Official Canadian Distributor of Geneva Soundlabs

Audio Alliance is thrilled to bring Geneva Soundlabs to the Canadian market. We're not exaggerating when we say they have something for everyone including portable, sound bar, wireless, and multi-zone options that easily fit into any room and lifestyle.

Most wireless options today have a reserved soundstage and proprietary playback apps. Geneva Speaker Systems offer an all in one solution and have been engineered for ease of use and most importantly great sound. With seamless connectivity via Bluetooth, RCA, CD, and FM Tuner they're able to produce an impressive 3D stereo image no matter where you are in the room.

Each meticulously hand-crafted speaker is carefully calibrated and perfectly tuned with impressive lows down to 35Hz and highs up to 22kHz (+-2dB) for the Model XL (pictured centre).

Order yours today and enjoy true HiFi wireless sound.