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Accuphase DP-720 Reviewed in Positive Feedback

The DP-720 is supremely musical and a bold reinvention of what digital audio can be. It approaches 
DP720Reviewthe ideal design for bringing out the full potential of the SA-CD medium.

Check out this review of the stunning Accuphase DP-720 SA-CD/CD in Issue 78 of Positive Feedback.

Marshall Nack classifies the sound as "Smooth, natural…100% grainless and without burrs." Which comes as no surprise considering the DP-720 features the latest versions of major Accuphase in-house developments: a high-precision SA-CD/CD drive and an advanced MDSD type D/A converter.

Nack calls it "the best single-box player Accuphase has made to date...The DP-720 is so revealing, there's no room for mistakes. If a musician slipped up, the listener would know about it."

The new SA-CD reference. Hear one today.