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Harbeth Super HL5plus reviewed in Stereophile

Check out this great review of Harbeth's Super HL5plus in the June 2015 issue of Stereophile.

Art Dudley confirms our sneaking suspicion that "for the listener who wants a loudspeaker that is explicit and truthfully beautiful, the Harbeth Super HL5plus is an excellent choice."

The latest generation of the original HL-Monitor uses Harbeth's patented 200mm Radial2 mid/bass driver and upgraded crossover, which accounts for the speaker's "startlingly clear" sonic signature.

In Dudley's own words "the Super HL5plus simply emanated a greater amount of sonic detail and musical information, especially in terms of pitch and timing, than I hear from most speakers, and did so with ease, beauty, and an utter lack of artifice or strain."
Hear it for yourself today. The truth is a beautiful thing.