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Audio Alliance Inc is a 1-stop wholesale distributor of high end and consumer audio. Since 2006 we have traveled the world looking for the finest products. Each selection must meet our strict criteria for sound, design, function, reliability and, most of all, value. Featuring a complete national dealer network, Audio Alliance Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of:  Harbeth, Air Tight, Accuphase, Koetsu, Weiss, Castle, Kuzma, Geneva Soundlabs, iFi, Oyaide, Graham Slee, Heed, Hi-Fi Racks, Atacama, Jan Allaerts, Concept Audio, and LAST.

We are also the USA distributor of Weiss, Graham Slee, Castle, and Concept Audio.

We do not sell to the public.

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New AIR TIGHT ATM-300L 300B Tube Amplifier Shown at Munich High End Show.

At the recent Munich High End Show AIRTIGHT Japan released the new 30th anniversary edition ATM-300L power amplifier. Hand-signed by the founder Atsushi Muira, it features the world-reference Takatsuki 300B tubes. Only 100 of these limited edition stereo amplifiers will be made. The ATM-300L features new hand-wound transformers and the legendary Takatsuki 300B tubes. Each of these tubes is hand-blown by Kyoto craftsmen to be precisely matched within 1% of each other. See the ATM-300L page here.

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The World's First 2-in-1 Tube/ Solid State Headphone Amplifier is here !

We're excited to introduce the iCan Pro : The first product in iFi's new flagship Pro series. A fully balanced Class A studio grade headphone amplifier and audiophile grade preamplifier in one ! The iCan Pro uses both tube and solid state technology and lets you choose between the two with the flick of a switch. It's the best of both worlds ! Order yours today !

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Oyaide Neo D+ Class A USB 2.0 Cable Review

The Absolute Sound has reviewed the Oyaide Neo D+ Class A USB 2.0 cable! Writer Karl Shuster says, “I’ve never heard superior focus from any digital cable, regardless of format. Every note is reproduced with exceptional timing precision, yielding an unexpected sonic benefit. This is an amazingly versatile cable, which is built to last and will be a part of your computer, HiFi, or home theatre system for years to come. Order yours today.

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The Air Tight AM-201H Reviewed!

The AM-201H by Air Tight is a beautiful amplifier with incredible attention to detail and has been reviewed on! Writer Rafe Arnott says: “If this was your day-to-day integrated amplifier, you’d be very hard pressed to do better in this price range.... this amp has a beautiful touch with every type of music I put through it, regardless of source.” Don’t delay order your demo today!

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The Accuphase P-7300

The P-7300 from Accuphase brings together technology and concepts of the A-200 and M-6200 to create a class AB stereo power amplifier that towers over the rest.  Accuphase has always been at the forefront of the global high-end audio scene. The P-7100 introduced in 2006 was a top-of-the-line stereo power amp that gained recognition the world over. A decade later the P-7300 is destined to become another milestone against which others are measured, offering a musical experience like never before.  The P-7300 from Accuphase can handle any speaker with competence, realizing constant-voltage drive even with extremely low load impedances. Offering 800 watts into 1 ohm, a newly developed power supply, and S/N ratio second to none the P-7300 is the amplifier for anyone looking to...

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